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Elsa is licensed to practice law in France and in California. Before moving to California, in 2001, she practiced in Paris for several years as a Tax attorney, analyzing tax structures for domestic and E.U./U.S. cross-border transactions/financing, and representing corporate clients undergoing tax audits. 

After working in business litigation for six years at the San Francisco Offices of Flynn, Delich & Wise, in IP and business litigation, she founded Beker Berry in 2009 developing a boutique practice for startups and international families of the Bay Area, with a focus on business litigation, family law and international estate planning.

Elsa graduated as valedictorian in contract law from the University of Rene Descartes School of Law (Paris V). She holds an Advanced Master’s Degree (“DESS”) in International Litigation and a Master’s Degree in Corporate and Tax Law. She was awarded an academic merit scholarship by Golden Gate University School of Law where she completed her LL.M in U.S. Law. While she assists start-ups as a part-time general counsel, on an as-needed basis, her focus has mostly become family law.

Elsa has a real passion for family conflict resolution, ensuring that any opportunity to fairly and amicably settle divorce proceedings has been explored before contemplating litigation, leveraging the benefits of prompt and fair settlement so that the parties can move on with their life and co-parent amicably. She has handled many divorces involving interstate and international issues.

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